Hand Pallet Truck
    2.5 ton 550/685mm hand hydraulic pallet truck

    Introduction of amanual pallet truck:

    Manual pallet truck is a low altitude lifting and short distance transportation. Its characteristic is small volume, light weight, compact structure, beautiful work style, simple operation, good seal performance, work safety and reliability. Applicable to warehouse, ports, loading bays etc. In solid surfaces, lifting carrying heavy loads. It is also widely applied to transport components in the factory workshop , especially suitable for printing and dyeing, papermaking. It is one kind of civilized production tools.


    Advantages of manual pallet truck:

    1. Make of high quality Bao-steel, with electrostatic spray surface treatment.

    2. Integral casting hydro-cylinder, elegant, firm and durable.

    3. Imported original seal ring, long service life. Chrome-plating piston rod.

    4. Install overflow valve with overload protection. It can effectively avoid overload when using, lower the repair cost.

    5. The moving part is fitted with alloy bushing block. It can absorb unbalance loading, wear resistant, extend the service life and easy to replace.

    6. Integral casting wheel carrier. Equip with double front wheels, strong loading capacity.

    7. Install front and rear guiding wheels, protect the front wheels from the impact, extend the wheels service life.