Semi Electric Stacker
    Single mast semi electric pallet stacker

    Specification of semi electric stacker:

    CTD10/16, CTD15/16 & CTD20/16 are semi electric stackers, others are double mast semi electric stacker.

    Tips :

    We can customize the product about the size of it's fork,and the load capacity. Please feel free to contact us for any question.


    Feature of semi electric lifter:

    1) Compact-designed hand stacker, fine craftsmanship, beautiful appearance.

    2) Equip with traction battery (Luotuo brand), long-lasting.

    3) C type steel is used on the frames, it has higher strength, especially for double mast series, and it is more stable when lifting.

    4) Adopt stamp-forming steel fork, elegant and durable.

    5) Portable manual drive system, adjustable fork.

    6) Comfortable pull & push handle, easy to move.

    7) With feature of stable lifting, save effort, flexible rotation, easy to operation