Scissor lift work platform
    Hydraulic scissor lifting machine 300kg 6m four wheels mobile lift platform

    Description of scissor lift platform:

    Four wheel movable lift with the feature of mature technology, high safety coefficient, large capacity, steady lifting, simple operation and good cost performance. Because of big platform and capacity, high lift stroke and steady, it is widely used in street lights maintenance, vehicle maintenance, high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance, high altitude pipe installation, high altitude construction, steel structure construction, the natural gas pipeline construction, garden pruning, billboard installation, air cleaning and other high altitude lifting operations.

    The movable hydraulic lift with a big capacity, it is suitable for high heavy equipment maintenance in mining enterprise and installation of elevated facilities.


    Feature of scissor lift platform:

    1. Lifting structure is made of high intensity manganese steel rectangular tube.

    2. Safety protection device to avoid overload.

    3. Safety protection device to avoid hydraulic pipe burst.

    4. Emergency descending device when power failure.