Single aluminum alloy lift platform
    Best selling general industrial equipment portable single aluminum lift platform

    Feature of mobile lift platform:
    1.Lift or fall steadily: The seamless transmission is used between the lifting masts, thus minimizing the amount of sway after lifting.
    2.Safe and reliable: The four turning stabilizers of the unit connected to the four corners of the chassis support the MEWP duringwork. 

    They are designed for leveling regulation and preventing inclination. They are composed of stand bars and turning legs. 

    The stand bars are installed in the turning legs. 

    Extending out the turning legs before operating the unit enlarges the area of supporting. Therefore, the steadiness of the whole platform is guaranteed.
    3.Convenient: The whole work platform is light because the lifting masts are made of alloy aluminum. 

    The structure is compact and the volume is small, so only one person can move the equipment and carry it through a very narrow passage.


    Advantages of mobile lift platform:

    1.High-strength aluminium structure

    2.Overload protection device

    3.Emergency lowering device

    4.Anti-fall safety devices

    5.Strong safety power supply


    Applications of mobile lift platform:
    It is mainly used for the installation and maintenance of the narrow spaces such as star hotels, modern workshops, business hall, hotels, lobby, restaurant, railway stations, exhibition hall and shopping malls, it is a good helper for the equipment maintenance, paint decoration; Easily going through the regular doors and elevators, of low energy consumption, no pollution, no damage to the grounds. The lifting height ranges from 6m to 12m and lifting capacity varies from 200kg to 250kg.The power sources could be 220V, 380V or chargeable battery.