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    Maintenance  Guide

    Lifts have  been tested in the factory debugging, various technical indicators meet the  design requirements, use only power, hydraulic and electrical systems without  adjustment. Check the shaft pin monthly working condition, if found pivot pin,  screw loose, must be locked to prevent axle pin fall accident. Hydraulic oil  should be kept clean, replaced once every six months; when the elevator  maintenance and cleaning, be sure to hold up the safety strut.

    Lift  maintenance

    1. Monthly maintenance
    When the elevator maintenance  personnel to enter the inner workings of the lift, the lift must Diaozhu  elevator prevent sudden drop in casualties.

    A. Check the wheel, the  intermediate shaft and bearings; cylinder pin and bearings; boom hinge shaft and  bearing lubrication and wear;
    B. the respective parts add oil. Extend bearing  life.
    C. Check the hydraulic oil and the oil level. Elevator rose to the  highest hydraulic oil tank should be higher than the bottom of 40-50 mm.  Hydraulic oil discoloration dark, sticky oil, or oil, gravel and other foreign  matter, should be replaced hydraulic oil. Application of hydraulic system lift  32 # hydraulic oil.

    2. The year-end maintenance
    A. Check the hydraulic  and pipe joints. Should immediately replace the damaged pipe; when joints are  loose Tighten fittings.
    B. Remove and open the lowering valve, the valve body  with compressed air blowing from the new clothes after the.
    C. The hydraulic  oil tank exhausted all open tank, remove the oil filter, washed back into the  tank, according to in situ installation. The new tank filled with new  oil.

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